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Introducing ‘Dudley the Giant’

Recently I’ve written a number of stories for children – essentially they are fairytales. They are stories about a young giant called Dudley and his supportive ‘special friend’, a schoolboy, who is the storyteller.

Whilst the storyteller talks to the reader quite matter-of-factly and conversationally, he does so in a world of fantasy where birds and animals have a voice.

Dudley is good-natured and enthusiastic, despite which he often gets things wrong, usually because his size causes him problems in daily life.

When I began to write I wasn’t too sure what age to make Dudley. As I’ve worked through the stories, Dudley has gradually morphed into a personality who is quite young, probably much the same age as the voice of the author in the stories, which could be seven, eight or nine years. Intentionally I’ve not been age-specific in order to allow a young reader- or any reader- to associate with the characters on his or her chosen level.

The story that I’m posting, ‘Dudley buys a bed’ is one of the first.

Writing for children is a new venture for me and so, if you have any helpful opinions it would be really good to hear from you. You’ll find an email address on this site on the Bookings and Enquiries page. Thank you.


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