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Bob McBurney - Author, Photographer, Artist

I am a painter/photographer and recently a writer. I live in Horsforth, Leeds.

The writing has come as something of a surprise. I was ill with pneumonia during Christmas 2017 and
I began to write a diary which developed into a memoir. I illustrated my writing and published the
resulting book Nearly 79, Laughter and Loss in the spring of 2019. Now I am writing a second
volume which I hope to publish in 2020.

I have been a professional photographer and an artist for the greater part of my adult life. My
memory has always been visual. Images from 50 years ago are still fresh in my mind, and I can
visualise their context, though for the life of me I cannot remember significant birthdays!

I paint and draw in most mediums. I have reams of paper, hundreds of pencils and brushes and
enough paint to stock a shop, despite which I still struggle to produce good work. How I envy my
mum, who liked and kept everything she did. I wish that things were so simple.

I am excited about writing. It’s a joy to find something so rewarding so late in life. I am a humourist
and a storyteller and I have always taken pleasure in the music of words. I am happy to talk about
and read from my work, and the purpose of this website is to introduce me and my book to you, in
the hope that we might meet.

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